Fouad Youssef

“ITC offers so many different therapies and none of them are painful at all. During my time at ITC my quality of life was not taken away from me [unlike with Chemotherapy] and my lymphoma shrank drastically”

In 2016, Fouad Youssef discovered he had a lymphoma the size of his thumb knuckle under his arm. This lymphoma quickly grew to the size of an orange and Fouad was told by his oncologist he needed to undergo aggressive chemo to keep it from taking his life. When Fouad asked about the negative side effects of chemo his oncologist responded they would deal with those later. This concerned Fouad and his family so they began looking for other options.

After doing extensive research, they decided ITC was the best option for them after talking with Dr. Bautista. After just 6 weeks of treatment, his lymphoma was gone. Now Fouad comes back every year for a booster to maintain his health. This is his fourth year coming back to ITC.