Whole Body Hyperthermia

Natural Whole-Body Hyperthermia Treatment for Cancer

How Whole Body Hyperthermia Works

Alternately known as thermal or thermotherapy, hyperthermia therapy is a non-invasive alternative treatment that works off the idea that high temperatures can kill or damage cancer cells without causing injury to healthy tissue. Research suggests that heating cells up to 113°F may effectively promote cancer cell death and damage proteins and other structures within cancer cells. This may help to shrink tumors and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Hyperthermia therapy is usually combined with other treatment methods as it can make cancer cells more sensitive to other cancer treatment methods. Hyperthermia may also enhance the effects of anti-cancer drugs.

How Whole Body Hyperthermia Is Administered

Hyperthermia treatment can be administered to the patient in a variety of forms. While localized hyperthermia focuses heat on a specific area of the body, whole body hyperthermia heats the entire body. Whole body hyperthermia is usually reserved for metastatic cancer that spreads beyond the initial area. The aim of whole body hyperthermia is to raise the overall core body temperature up to 107-108°F to kill malignant cells. This is often achieved through the use of hot water blankets or thermal chambers, which resemble large, human-sized incubators. To ensure proper temperature regulation of both the tumor and the surrounding tissue, the doctor may insert needles or probes with small thermometers in addition to the cancer therapy.

Whole-body hyperthermia is a great alternative method to treat a patient suffering from cancer. It directly targets malignant cells that are in the body, making it an efficient therapy method for most types of cancer. Many cancer patients find hyperthermia treatment to be a beneficial alternative cancer treatment due to its non-invasive qualities.