SonoDynamic Therapy

An Alternative Treatment for Cancer: SonoDynamic Therapy

How Sonodynamic Therapy Works

Sonodynamic therapy is a minimally invasive alternative treatment for forms of cancer that combines low-intensity ultrasound and unique chemical agents known as sonosensitizers. Sonosensitizers are compounds that can make tissue more sensitive to ultrasound. Combining low-intensity ultrasound, sonosensitizers, and molecular oxygen is believed to generate reactive oxygen species, which can contribute to cancer cell death and prevent tumor growth. The exact mechanisms are not well known, though sonodynamic therapy offers an advantage to other cancer treatment options. Along with its generally noninvasive nature, this cancer therapy also allows for deeper penetration as ultrasound can be focused tightly and easily reach the soft tissue. Sonodynamic therapy may also increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients and other types of cancer treatment.

How Sonodynamic Therapy is Administered

Sonodynamic therapy starts with the administration of sonosensitizer drugs via injection or sublingual absorption. The clinician then applies the low–intensity ultrasound, focusing it on the tumor area. This process may be repeated over several days or weeks for patients. The exact optimal duration and frequency of administration are still not well known, and your specific treatment plan may differ based on your personal health and the location and severity of your cancer. Initial studies involving breast cancer suggested the application of ultrasound 24 hours after the administration of the sonosensitizer. The ultrasound was used 20 minutes per day for four days and repeated every two weeks to kill cancer cells

Ultrasound treatment used with sonodynamic therapy has proven to be a great alternative cancer treatment in place of regular chemotherapy or radiation. See a specialist at our center to see how this treatment can help in your fight against breast cancer.