Rife Machine Therapy

Rife Machine Therapy

How Rife Therapy Works

Invented by an American scientist named Royal Raymond Rife, the medical rife machine produces low-energy electromagnetic waves that are imperceptible to humans. The technology passes these electromagnetic waves through the body to target areas where cancer is present. Rife used the research of another scientist, Dr. Albert Abrams, who theorized that diseases emitted a specific electromagnetic frequency. Using various microscope types, Rife believed he could visualize the auras of microbes and cancer cells and determine their specific electromagnetic frequencies. He theorized that by transmitting an electromagnetic wave that ran at the same frequency as those electrical impulses emitted by cancerous cells, you could eliminate those cells and encourage the shrinking of tumors in cancer patients.

How Rife Therapy is Administered

Rife devices usually deliver the low-energy electromagnetic frequency through your hands or feet. This can be done through electrical pads that are applied to the hands and feet or via plasma tubes that the patient holds onto during treatment. The pads or tubes connect to the rife machine, which is calibrated to the specific electromagnetic frequency that is then sent into the body to target cancer cells. The frequency is so low energy that it is painless for cancer patients to experience. Rife therapy can be administered for a few minutes per day, several times per week. However, determining the most optimal frequency and length of administration time for this specific technology still requires further medical study and may vary based on your personal needs.