Natural Halotherapy

Natural Halotherapy for Cancer

How Halotherapy Works

Halotherapy treatment is a type of light therapy, otherwise known as biophotonic therapy. Light therapy generally comprises exposure to a specific wavelength of light. Halotherapy combines biophotonics with botanicals to reduce inflammation, support healthy tissue and promote respiratory health.

Photons from a high-energy light source penetrate the skin. While the topmost layer of skin absorbs most of these photons, over time they may reach deeper tissues. From there, the light induces metabolic changes and produces secondary messengers, which may result in physiological and genetic changes, including the healing of tissue. These potential effects multiply, resulting in systemic Halotherapy benefits on your respiratory health.

In addition to chronic respiratory problems, Halotherapy has been known to be an effective alternative cancer treatment, as it promotes breathing and improves lung function. The list of halotherapy benefits is long, but just one therapy session can leave you with an opened up respiratory tract and enhance normal breathing.

How Halotherapy is Administered

The exact optimal time, frequency, and intensity of light exposure still require further study, and the parameters for Halotherapy treatment may vary from patient to patient based on their personal needs as well as the severity of cancer. Halotherapy generally involves exposing the affected area of the body with a special high-energy LED. The light passes through vials of a liquid botanical extract, transmitting the photons and botanical energies into the body to reduce inflammation in surrounding tissue. The body is then reported to respond as though the botanicals themselves are in the body.