Localized Hypothermia

Localized Hypothermia Cancer Treatment

How Localized Hyperthermia Works

Also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy, hyperthermia is a form of noninvasive cancer treatment that focuses on exposing body tissue to high temperatures. Research has suggested that high body temperatures may potentially damage or even kill cancer cells without causing any injury to surrounding healthy tissue. By heating body tissue up to 113°F, hyperthermia may damage proteins and other structures within cancer cells, which can result in smaller tumors.

Hyperthermia for cancer treatment is becoming increasingly common as an alternative way to treat cancer. Hyperthermia treatment is also often combined with other types of treatment.

The effects of hyperthermia have been proven beneficial and can be used in place of traditional chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy options to fight tumor cells.

How Localized Hyperthermia is Administered

Hyperthermia can be administered in various forms and regions based on the type of cancer and the patient’s needs. While whole-body hyperthermia aims to increase body temperature up to 108°F, localized hyperthermia applies heat to a smaller area to heat the tumor directly. This cancer treatment can involve various different types of energy, including ultrasound, microwave, and radiofrequency.

External hyperthermia treatment is used for tumors that are in or directly below the skin. The clinician applies heating elements near or around the targeted area to focus heat into the tumor.

Endocavity or intraluminal hyperthermia therapy is used for tumors that appear inside or near body cavities, like in the esophagus or rectum. Heating probes are placed into the cavity and the tumor.

Clinicians use interstitial hyperthermia for malignant tumors found deeper within tissues. This also allows the clinician to heat the tumor to a higher temperature than with external hyperthermia therapy. During the procedure, probes and needles are placed into the tumor. The heating element is then placed into the probe to heat the tumor.

Thermal therapy has been used to treat various types of cancer and proven to have substantial effects fighting off malignant tumors. Visit our therapy center to try this method to treat cancer today.