Biomagnetic Cancer Therapy

Biomagnetic Cancer Therapy

How Biomagnetic Cancer Therapy Works

Also known as electromagnetic field therapy or simply magnetic therapy, biomagnetic cancer therapy runs off theories that suggest that magnetic energy fields can have a profound effect on the body and physiological functions. The idea is that applying magnets, either via magnetized bracelets or a magnetized mattress, can lead to stimulation of the body’s molecules, ions, and general energy to correct any potential disruptions that may be contributing to the growth of cancer cells and tumors.

In a similar clinical study, scientists theorize the use of nanoparticles injected into a tumor, followed by a few minutes in a pulsed magnetic field as a form of treatment. Placing an iron particle into an alternating magnetic field causes it to spin, which creates heat that can potentially damage and shrink tumors, similar to hyperthermia.

How Biomagnetic Cancer Therapy is Administered

Magnetic therapy as we know it is completely non-invasive and usually requires the use of magnetic bracelets or a pulsed electromagnetic mattress. These therapeutic products create the magnetic field necessary to modulate ion transport and alter cell and neuronal activity. The magnets are pain-free and low in intensity.

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