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  • Miranda, 31 Y.O.
    Procedure: 1 Syringe Of Dysport Areas Injected: Crows Feet
  • Angela, 33 y.o.
    Procedure: 2 Syringe Of Dysport Areas Injected: Crows Feet, Infraorbital
  • Lindsey, 34 y.o.
    Procedure: 1 Syringe Of Dysport Areas Injected: Gabella

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“The Immunity Therapy Center Saved My Life and I Hope they Can Help You Too”

On March 14th Debbie was diagnosed with a rare type of Ampullary and Liver Cancer. Her doctors told her that her diagnosis was essentially a death sentence.

After some extensive research, Debbie discovered ITC online and decided it was worth a shot. She started treatment at ITC on May 1st and was blown away by the amazing staff and their dedication to helping people with seemingly hopeless diagnoses.

After only just 6 weeks of treatment Debbie’s Liver Cancer was completely gone! Because of this, her Oncologist in California was then able to put together a treatment plan to remove the Ampullary Cancer so she could get on with her life completely Cancer Free.

“Im here to tell you if you have Cancer and have been given a diagnoses that makes you feel like there is no hope, there is hope!”

Debbie Halper

Debbie Halper

Prior to being diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, Melissa Porter lead a very healthy lifestyle. While traveling in Costa Rica she found a lump in her right underarm that was found to be Cancerous. When Melissa returned home she researched a variety of alternative treatment options and after being told about Immunity Therapy Center by her Naturpath, she felt like her prayers had been answered. Melissa reached full remission at ITC and over a year later is still in full remission. Melissa has profound respect for Dr. Bautista and feels “he is doing the work from his heart and his team is very aligned with his mission and belief system that people can heal.”

Melissa Porter

Melissa Porter

When Xiao was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma her pain was so bad she classified it at a level 10 every single day. After just a few days at Immunity Therapy Center her pain dropped to a 5, and after a full week she didn’t even need to take her pain medicine anymore. Xiao encourages those diagnosed with Cancer to explore other options besides Chemo and is grateful she pursued an alternative treatment route!

Xiao Pei

Xiao Pei