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“ITC offers so many different therapies and none of them are painful at all. During my time at ITC my quality of life was not taken away from me [unlike with Chemotherapy] and my lymphoma shrank drastically”

In 2016, Fouad Youssef discovered he had a lymphoma the size of his thumb knuckle under his arm. This lymphoma quickly grew to the size of an orange and Fouad was told by his oncologist he needed to undergo aggressive chemo to keep it from taking his life. When Fouad asked about the negative side effects of chemo his oncologist responded they would deal with those later. This concerned Fouad and his family so they began looking for other options.

After doing extensive research, they decided ITC was the best option for them after talking with Dr. Bautista. After just 6 weeks of treatment, his lymphoma was gone. Now Fouad comes back every year for a booster to maintain his health. This is his fourth year coming back to ITC.

Fouad Youssef

Fouad Youssef

“The treatments here were very simple, very painless, amazingly simple and effective. Within a week I was starting to walk back and forth from the hotel. I was able to have conversations. I was feeling better and eating—I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten. I started to enjoy myself and started having a life with my wife again. We felt like we’re on a vacation.”

“One thing that will stick with me for the rest of my life is each time I have gone in to speak with Dr. Bautista I’ve asked him how he is and he would always say, ‘I’m fine, but the real question is, Peter, how are you?’ The compassion and love I feel coming from Dr Bautista is…he’s like a father. Absolutely the ideal father. This has been the most difficult time in my life and to be surrounded by such an incredible staff, I am so thankful. I get to go home and finally meet our fourth grandchild. A second lease on life”

Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson

“The nurses… prayed with us during hard times.”

Marie started experiencing pain in her stomach. When she visited her doctor in Belize, he prescribed medicine and said she should feel better in two weeks. Instead, she felt worse. She went to Mexico for more tests and was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Through research and asking friends for recommendations, Marie heard about Dr. Bautista and Immunity Therapy Center. After four visits to the Center, her CT scan was clear. She had a wonderful experience, and is grateful to Dr. Bautista and the Immunity Therapy Center team.

Marie Dueck

Marie Dueck

“I am amazed at Dr. Bautista’s knowledge, we know the term doctor really means teacher.”

Johnny had never been to Tijuana, Mexico prior to his visit at the Immunity Therapy Center, he is now in love with the city and the culture.

After 3 weeks of treatment, Johnny was able to leave cancer free of Myeloma. He witnessed firsthand the compassion and commitment that Dr. Bautista provides to his patients and he is blessed to continue a normal life.

Johnny Russell Jr

Johnny Russell Jr

9 years ago Clara Kornelsen came to ITC for treatment after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Although she was living in Canada at the time and healthcare was free, she felt it was the right thing to come to ITC for treatment. Today, Clara is “strong and healthy as ever” and thanks Dr. Bautista for giving her “a solution for her Cancer.”

Clara Kornelsen

Clara Kornelsen

When Xiao was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma her pain was so bad she classified it at a level 10 every single day. After just a few days at Immunity Therapy Center her pain dropped to a 5, and after a full week she didn’t even need to take her pain medicine anymore. Xiao encourages those diagnosed with Cancer to explore other options besides Chemo and is grateful she pursued an alternative treatment route!

Xiao Pei

Xiao Pei

Prior to being diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, Melissa Porter lead a very healthy lifestyle. While traveling in Costa Rica she found a lump in her right underarm that was found to be Cancerous. When Melissa returned home she researched a variety of alternative treatment options and after being told about Immunity Therapy Center by her Naturpath, she felt like her prayers had been answered. Melissa reached full remission at ITC and over a year later is still in full remission. Melissa has profound respect for Dr. Bautista and feels “he is doing the work from his heart and his team is very aligned with his mission and belief system that people can heal.”

Melissa Porter

Melissa Porter

“The Immunity Therapy Center Saved My Life and I Hope they Can Help You Too”

On March 14th Debbie was diagnosed with a rare type of Ampullary and Liver Cancer. Her doctors told her that her diagnosis was essentially a death sentence.

After some extensive research, Debbie discovered ITC online and decided it was worth a shot. She started treatment at ITC on May 1st and was blown away by the amazing staff and their dedication to helping people with seemingly hopeless diagnoses.

After only just 6 weeks of treatment Debbie’s Liver Cancer was completely gone! Because of this, her Oncologist in California was then able to put together a treatment plan to remove the Ampullary Cancer so she could get on with her life completely Cancer Free.

“Im here to tell you if you have Cancer and have been given a diagnoses that makes you feel like there is no hope, there is hope!”

Debbie Halper

Debbie Halper

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Alternative Cancer Treatments in Mexico
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Alternative and complementary methods can help repair health and restore lost functions. Trust our specialists to help you with your cancer treatment requirements.

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The average cost of cancer treatment in Mexico is around 70% lower than in the US

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Affordable Immunotherapy in Mexico

Alternative Cancer Treatments

What is the Cost of Cancer Treatment in Mexico?

The cost of cancer treatment ranges from a few 1,000 to upward of 30,00 dollars.

It’s practically impossible not to be impacted by cancer at some point in life. Whether you are the one diagnosed, or a loved one, cancer impacts us all. Besides the initial feelings of fear or anger is the uncertainty of cost of treatments, especially in the US.

It is hard enough just to grapple with the disease itself and the war it rages on the body, without having to also grapple with insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals. Everything costs money and it gets expensive, often causing the patient and loved ones to have to miss work and not get paid.

There has to be a better solution. For many years now, people have traveled abroad for healthcare. This is called medical tourism and it has become a true solution for millions of travelers. Why? Because you can get great care for a significantly lower cost in other countries, like Mexico.

Why Consider Mexico for Cancer Treatment?

There are two main reasons to consider Mexico for cancer treatment: one, lower cost and two, availability of alternative treatments. While the main focus here is on cost, it would be remiss not to at least touch on the alternative treatments offered in Mexico that are not offered in the US.

Some people travel to Mexico for alternative cancer treatments after conventional treatment has failed, but others forgo conventional treatment instead opting for alternative treatments.

What are Alternative Cancer Treatments?

There are many cancer treatments available in Mexico that are not available in the US. Some of the treatments focus on nutrition and boosting the immune system, while others focus on the tumor or cancer cells. However, the overall focus is on the patient as a whole, or holistic treatment. Cancer treatment in the US typically focuses only on the cancer, forgetting about the patient as a whole.

Cancer treatment in Mexico begins with assessing each patient to develop a unique plan for each individual. Within this plan, the medical team assesses their patients not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Cancer takes a toll on individuals as a whole, so treatment should take patients as a whole into account.

Once a treatment plan is put in place, the cancer treatment takes place, using a combination of alternative therapies. For usually two to four weeks, patients and a companion stay in Mexico. The patient receives treatment usually 5 to 6 days a week and then one free day to explore. Alternative therapies have little side effects, unlike traditional medicine, allowing patients to feel like themselves.

Additionally, once the treatment has concluded, the cancer treatment centers in Mexico have extensive follow up plans as well to ensure their patients ongoing success. Many patients that have been given little to no hope after conventional medicine fails them, find new hope and lengthy survival in Mexico.

Cost of Cancer Treatment?

The average cost of cancer treatment in Mexico is around 70 percent lower than in the US. The cost of cancer treatment ranges from a few thousand to upward of fifty thousand dollars. Total cost is determined by the types of treatments utilized. Every diagnosis and individual is different, therefore each treatment plan is different. But, you can rest assured of the total cost, as hospitals in Mexico are very upfront with pricing information, probably because they understand people travel from all over the US and Europe for treatment.

Additionally, the cost is also determined by the length of stay at the hospital in Mexico. Obviously, the longer you stay, the more it costs. All of that will be determined ahead of time, however, including what is included in the cost, such as food and lodging.

Some of the clinics even take insurance, whether it is paid upfront or reimbursed. The liaison at the clinics can help with those types of questions.

There are many possibilities in Tijuana for cancer treatment. If you’ve ever done any research on medical tourism in Mexico, you’ll know that Tijuana has become a hub for just across the border healthcare. With modern equipment and facilities, cancer treatment centers in Tijuana are a refuge for many cancer patients.

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No chemo alternative cancer treatments

If you or someone you know is suffering with cancer, alternative cancer treatment in Mexico might be the solution. Why? The cost of cancer treatment in Mexico is significantly less than in the US, even with the cost of travel included. Most of the cancer treatment facilities have lodging on the premises and provide meals. Between the availability of alternative cancer treatments and the state-of-the-art facilities, thousands of people each year flock to Mexico for holistic cancer treatments.

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Alternative Cancer Treatments
No Chemo Therapy Clinics in Mexico

Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers in Mexico

No chemotherapy clinics in Mexico offer cancer treatment programs that treat the patient as a whole, or holistically. Alternative cancer treatment centers focus on using natural approaches, fundamentally shifting from strictly conventional methods to allopathic treatments that are especially successful with stage 4 cancer patients.

Individual Assessment

At the center of holistic cancer treatment is creating individual programs for each patient. Alternative cancer treatment centers have multidisciplinary teams that work to assess each patient and their individual needs, even among patients suffering from the same type of cancer.

Nutrition and Immune Boosting

No chemotherapy clinics in Mexico treat cancer naturally through several different therapies, including a focus on nutrition and the immune system. Patients are already armed with the natural ability to fight against disease with their immune system. However, sometimes the immune system needs a boost in order to find balance and restore the body’s natural processes. The best way to do this is through nutrition, very often using a plant-based diet, such as Gerson Therapy.


Ridding the body of toxins is important for fighting cancer growth. The no chemotherapy clinics in Mexico evaluate each patient to determine whether it is safe to prescribe a detoxifying regimen and what that regimen should be. While the human body is able to eliminate harmful toxins on its own, sometimes additional herbal treatments are needed to help the liver function better and more efficiently detoxify the body. Toxins can come from several sources including the environment, viruses, substances and more.

Balancing the Immune Response

The immune system’s job is to fight disease, of course, but sometimes the immune system needs to be guided in the correct direction. When the body responds to disease, the immune system can become overwhelmed and create an inflammatory response. Alternative cancer treatment centers use natural elements like Vitamin C, curcumin, Japanese fungi and green tea extract to quiet the inflammatory response and allow the white cells to focus on the cancer.

Cancer Suppression

Once the body has reached the point that it is ready to receive more cancer focused treatment, no chemotherapy cancer clinics in Mexico use a combination of therapies to provide therapeutic cancer treatment.


The treatment programs at alternative cancer treatment centers usually last 2 to 4 weeks, at which point the patient returns home. This does not mean that treatment is completely over in all cases. In fact, oftentimes the patient is sent home with a treatment plan to follow to continue fighting the cancer. The medical team will follow up with patients regularly and make adjustments to the plan as needed. Sometimes a return visit to the center may be needed for lab work or imaging.

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